Dear Utah Broadcaster,

Welcome to UBA The purpose of this website is to keep track of FCC Part 74 (broadcast auxiliary frequency) usage in Utah. FCC requires a PCN be done before any new application can be submitted for the 950 MHZ aural STL band and anything above 2 GHZ. FCC expects 2 GHZ frequencies and the VHF & UHF RPU bands to be coordinated locally. License applications ask for a coordination number which can be the PCN where required or the entry number assigned by this site for VHF, UHF, & 2GHZ applications.

Do to some server issues this site has been down for some time. In addition, we had to restore it with what was a very old database. We apologize for the problem. The website will allow you to examine what was in that database on your station.

If you had an e-mail and password associated with the old website it should allow you to log in with that. Some logins were created before we started asking for e-mail addresses and so, if that was the case with your login, it can’t be accessed that way. If you can’t log in then please just make a new login entry. Once you can access the site you will be able to read and edit the data.

As mentioned, the database is quite outdated so it would be appropriate to update all the entries for your station. We have imported the existing database to this web page. With recent consolidations, the frequency coordination committee is often unaware of which station kept which auxiliary licenses. Contact information is also out of date in many cases. Recent call letter changes may or may not be reflected. If you can't find your station, try entering its former call-sign. Please take the time to look at your station(s) entries and correct them as necessary. If there are any frequencies you have licensed that are not in the data base, please add them. Likewise, please remove any entries no longer applicable. Update contact information as necessary. Please note that after an entry is made is may take a few days for it to appear in the database as we will be examining ones that require local coordination before they are given an entry number.

John Dehnel- Frequency Coordinator, SBE Ch 62.